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Veri5 is the  AI-empowered facial recognition based Veri5ication software powered by Prisma AI's patented visual recognition platform Gryphos.

Veri5ication Layers

 Email Veri5ication

This layer involves confirming the user's email address through a verification process. Typically, an email containing a verification link is sent to the user's provided email address, and the user must click on the link to confirm ownership of the email.

 Mobile Veri5ication

​This layer confirms the user's mobile phone number through a verification process. A code may be sent via SMS to the user's phone, which they must enter on the platform to verify their mobile number.

Facial Recognition

​This layer utilizes AI-powered facial recognition technology to authenticate the user's identity based on their facial features. The user may be required to upload a photo or use their device's camera to capture their face for comparison against previously enrolled facial data.

Govt.ID Veri5ication

​Users may be required to upload a government-issued identification document, such as a driver's license or passport. The platform then verifies the authenticity of the document and matches it against the user's provided information for identity verification.

Captcha Veri5ication

​It's a challenge-response verification test used to determine whether the user is human or not. This layer helps prevent automated bots from accessing the system.

Gesture Recognition

​Gesture recognition involves recognizing specific gestures made by the user, such as nodding or waving, to further validate their identity

Liveness Detection

Gesture recognition involves recognizing specific gestures made by the user, such as nodding or waving, to further validate their identity

Video Call

​This layer involves a live video call between the user and a representative from the verification platform. The representative may ask the user to perform specific actions or answer questions to confirm their identity in real-time.



Reduce Veri5ication Time

Speed up verifications with Veri5's AI-driven facial recognition and multi-method authentication


Contact-less Identity Veri5ication 

Veri5 elevates security and convenience with contactless identity verification feature


Multi-Factor Authentication Enhances Security 

Veri5 employs multiple layers of authentication, including facial

recognition, gesture verification, and government ID checks,

bolstering security for our users


Easier Data Validation & Sharing with Third-Parties

Veri5 streamlines data validation and facilitates seamless sharing

with third parties through our application


Password-less Veri5ication & Authentication

Veri5 enhances security by reducing the risk of password-related vulnerabilities


Seamless Integration of Veri5ication

Veri5 incorporates verification processes into an application or system without disrupting the user experience.


Negates Impersonifiaction

Veri5 prevents unauthorized access to systems or applications by individuals attempting to impersonate legitimate users.


Stops Fraud by Confirming User Identities

Veri5 involves verifying user identities to ensure that only legitimate individuals gain access to systems or applications.

 Use Cases

  • Digital Identity Veri5ication

Veri5 integration in online portals enables secure online identity verification, enhancing efficiency and security through facial recognition and multi layered checks.

  • Face As A Ticket

Veri5 ticketing system revolutionizes access control, allowing users to link their facial identity to tickets for secure entry. It enhances security and attendee experience.

  • Applicant's Veri5ication

Verify job applicants securely with Veri5's advanced identity authentication system, ensuring trustworthy candidate screenings for streamlined hiring processes.

  • Contact-less Check-in

Veri5 revolutionizes hotel and airport check-ins with contactless facial recognition, ensuring identity verification and seamless access to digital or boarding passes.

  • Document Veri5ication

Easily verify documents with Veri5's robust authentication system, ensuring seamless and secure validation processes for various official documents.

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