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Gryphos Financial Authentication System adds an additional layer of security onto any financial transaction initiated. Apart from the Pin and OTP, GryFAS ensures that a face match is mandatory before any transaction takes place, which ensures an additional strong layer of authentication. In case of a face mismatch, it also allows the primary user to accept or decline a transaction through a real-time notification.

How It Works?

GryFAS application/web portal requires a first-time user to register themselves with their basic details and face. It allows for the user to login and initiate a transaction using credentials, however, in order to complete the transaction process, face authentication is a mandatory step.

  • The primary user can verify their face and a transaction would be completed.

  • If a relative/friend tries to conduct the transaction, the primary user needs to accept the transaction.

  • If a fraudster tries to conduct a transaction, the primary user is notified of it along with a picture, and they can reject and report the transaction.

  • If any person tries to impersonate the primary user by using a photo/video, GryFAS automatically rejects their spoof attempt.


 Use Cases

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