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 Prisma's Patented Visual Recognition Platform

Gryphos - Computer Vision Platform

Gryphos is our core computer vision platform, which utilizes active AI-based machine learning algorithms conceived and developed by Prisma AI. Gryphos helps create a second language that can be used to understand human body language, signals and behavior, using machine learning and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Gryphos exemplary Deep Learning System can be used for analysis of videos, images, objects, face; for information and predictive analysis using Cognitive intelligences, which in turn can be used to analyze characterization by gestures and behavioral patterns for more analytics and effective information.


With the usage of Gryphos platform, Prisma AI has developed several core AI engines with wide-spanning uses such as baggage tracking, incident detection, access surveillance, illegal object detection, smart parking systems and many more.  

Gryphos is a complete Visual Recognition platform to build solutions that work seamlessly by matching visual interfaces (image, video, object) and deliver precise visual recognition results in real time.


We provide AI-powered solutions to domains including, but not limited to, Security, Highway Automation System, Automobile, Infrastructure, Retail, Education, Real Estate and Online Media & Entertainment . With roots in Germany and experience adapted from major implementations and deployments globally, ‘Gryphos’, Prisma AI’s proprietary AI algorithm has placed us at the forefront of the global 'Visual AI' industry.

Prisma AI’s Computer Vision Technologies

How It Works?

The Prisma AI platform can be deployed directly on to the client's environment whether on premise or on their private cloud.

The platform deployment provides the client with the entirety of Prisma AI's features: AI decision-making, machine learning, cognitive intelligence along with decision science and a library of AI Engines that can be plugged in at any time. This can be deployed seamlessly into the clients existing network and architecture.

Prisma AI Visual Recognition Technology

Web Dashboard for Every API

Prisma AI has over 230+ pre-trained API Engines and each of them can be viewed with detailed results/analysis on a web portal

Web Dashboard for API Engine

AI-based Decision Triggers

Gryphos uses its decision science algorithms to provide triggers & alerts on multiple devices in real time

AI-based Decision Triggers

Visual AI Engines


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