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Gryphos: The Computer Vision Platform For All Your AI Needs

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Computer Vision Platform

Gryphos : An Advent In AI Technology

Gryphos is our core computer vision platform, which utilizes active AI-based machine learning algorithms conceived and developed by Prisma AI. Gryphos helps create a second language that can be used to understand human body language, signals, and behavior, using machine learning and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Gryphos exemplary Deep Learning System can be used for analysis of videos, images, objects, face; for information and predictive analysis using Cognitive intelligences, which in turn can be used to analyze characterization by gestures and behavioral patterns for more analytics and effective information.

Developed using Gryphos, Prisma AI has over 230+ pre-trained API Engines, and each and every one of those engines can be viewed with detailed results or analysis on a web portal. Additionally, Gryphos uses its decision science algorithms to provide triggers and alerts in real-time. With the usage of Gryphos platform, Prisma AI has developed several core AI engines with wide spanning uses such as baggage tracking, incident detection, access surveillance, illegal object detection, smart parking systems and many more. Gryphos is a complete Visual Recognition platform to build solutions that work seamlessly by matching visual interfaces (image, video, object) and deliver precise visual recognition results in real time.

We provide AI-powered Computer Vision solutions to domains including, but not limited to, Security, Highway Automation System, Automobile, Infrastructure, Retail, Education, Real Estate and Online Media & Entertainment . With roots in Germany and experience adapted from major implementations and deployments globally, ‘Gryphos’, Prisma AI’s proprietary AI algorithm has placed us at the forefront of the global 'Visual AI' industry.

AI Engines

The Gryphos platform has enabled the development of APIs such as face recognition, image recognition, video recognition, body behavioral analysis, object recognition and sentiment analysis. Each of these products serve a role in detection of specific elements that they are tailored to.

This platform can be utilized to provide Computer Vision solutions for a variety of domains:

  • Banking & Finance

  • Aviation

  • Infrastructure

  • Security

  • Education

  • Events

  • Manufacturing and more.

Prisma AI’s patented visual recognition technology can help in recognition and verification, using engines such as face, video, object, and image recognition. The Gryphos platform engine is comprised of the following components which assist it in its processes:

Identification And Recognition

Body Behavioral Analysis, Object, Video & Image, Facial Access, Logo, Sentiment Analysis, OCR, and Biometrics. (e.g., identifying all the luggage in a video)

Indexing & Analysis:

Machine Learning differentiates various objects in any video or photo frame (e.g., identifying the targeted lost luggage)

Decision-science for consumers:

This Platform enables real-time action on any ‘alerts’ (e.g., sending a video clip to nearest security agent).

Additionally, Gryphos helps in several use cases such as, but not limited to:

  • Face as a boarding pass

  • Supply chain inventory management

  • Identification of lost baggage from videos

  • Special assistance for elderly & mothers with children

  • Traffic Violation detections through CCTV

  • Detection of Incidents

  • Reconstruction of Shredded papers and documents

  • Facial recognition for entry and access

  • Inventory shelf counting

  • Crowd density analysis & alerts

  • Detection and alerts of cheating in examinations

  • And many more…..

Trust In AI technology for the future

With the advent of new technologies, it is becoming increasingly more important to trust in technology as it is carrying our world today in most aspects. Machines and technology are necessary in today’s world as they are the new backbone of evolution; everything is reliant on technology in some manner. Prisma AI has utmost belief in that notion, developing its products and solutions specifically for the purpose of promoting the power of technology. Prisma AI began its journey with the implementation of its core platform, Gryphos, which enabled prisma to develop the solutions it wanted. Prisma AI’s proprietary platform is a technology that can be trusted and utilized for proper development of new technologies.

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Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams
08 Μαρ 2023

The potential Gryphos offers can be huge for technology in the coming years.

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