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Prisma AI - A Global Pioneer in Visual Artificial Intelligence

Make any camera intelligent with Computer Vision

Gryphos - our AI platform can read multiple visual inputs 

230+ Ready-to-use AI Libraries & APIs

Cognitive self learning for accuracy 

Alerts when AI finds infractions 

Automate video surveillance with Prisma AI

Prisma AI's platform can monitor a multitude of video feeds in real time - enabling professionals to focus on core competencies





Cameras Running Gryphos





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Why Prisma AI

Why Prisma AI ?

Pioneers in Computer Vision

Prisma AI was founded in Germany four decades ago & has been a leader in text, photo & video recognition

Proprietary Platform and APIs

Prisma AI's platform, algorithms and APIs are all developed, incorporating the newest technology, ideas, and features

State-of-the-art Solutions

Prisma AI develops the most advanced, reliable solutions that maximize usage of resources in an efficient manner

Platform Tailored for Endless Customization

The Prisma AI platform can be

customized to meet today's needs and expanded as and when required

AI off the shelf in weeks


Define scope

Work with Prisma AI to  define the scope of the deployment


Select APIs

Select the APIs that are most suitable for your business


Start POC

Start a Proof of Concept run, that adapts APIs for your environment



Upon achieving  successful results from the POC,  deploy them

Bag detection 5_edited.jpg

A Suite of Visual AI Solutions

Prisma AI's computer vision platform enables companies to solve many tasks, all from one integrated computer-vision platform in real-time

 Multifactor authentication for financial transactions

Monitor customer sentiments via analysis of facial                       expressions 

› Trace the location of  lost bags from video archives 

› Identify & track  special individuals in crowds for assistance

› Authorize and trace entry based on facial recognition &              identification

 Predictive Analysis of human body behavior

› Identify & track license plates for highway monitoring

 And many more...



"We provide the technical infrastructure and examinations for the third largest stock exchange in the world.

We have an examination business now covering 150 clients and 2,000+ total testing facilities. We had some unique needs: making sure the applicant was the one taking the test, and that the test was conducted fairly and on time. 

We are more than pleased with Prisma AI. We had worked with a few vendors before Prisma AI but found these other solutions to be inflexible, inaccurate, or expensive".

CBO & Exec VP

National Examination


“We are an advanced digital agency that assists companies with their digital transformation by employing AI solutions.

We have engaged Prisma AI on a number of large deployments that require specialized solutions that usually concentrate on augmented reality or facial recognition.

We appreciate that Prisma AI  takes the time to learn about each clients needs and deliver a tailored solution using some of the most advanced tech available. We are a pleased repeat customer.”


Leading Digital Agency

“In our airports, we tried other vendors first, but had so many false negatives that the passport control gates caused large waiting lines and consumer dissatisfaction.

With Prisma AI we quickly moved to a 99%+ accurate rate.  Now with Prisma AI's help, customers can just walk through our immigration gates as the cameras match the  passenger to the passport in real time.


We are expanding the engagement with Prisma AI due to this success."


National Airport Holding Company

"Our clients throughout Asia have several computer vision needs. Some are simple and some complex.

Whenever we get a complex solution that requires a customized solution, we engage Prisma AI.


So far, we have engaged Prisma AI over 5 times on various computer vision projects and all of the end clients have been very satisfied with the results.


We will continue to use Prisma AI.”

Country Head

Leading US Systems Integrator

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