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Role Of Computer Vision In Hospitality Industry to Improve Guest Experiences in 2023

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Computer Vision in AI is Upgrading the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is an industry which relies solely on its customers. Hence, the industry must strive to improve its services, which will enable a greater inflow of customers, further adding to the lifeline of the hospitality industry. However, changes in the hospitality sector are only possible with the integration of technology into it. In technology, Computer Vision is a new field in artificial intelligence that has the capability of improving the experience of guests in a variety of ways.

Computer Vision In Hospitality Industry

Prisma AI is Enhancing Customer Experiences with Visual Artificial Intelligence

Visual Artificial intelligence can help in the improvement of services provided by hospitality, by improving upon or adding to existing processes. Better service will always translate to more customer attraction, which will add to the goodwill of any hotel or resort. Some of these Visual AI applications developed by Prisma AI are as follows:

Smart Parking Management

This system uses A.N.P.R (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) which detects license plates of any vehicle, eliminating the grievance of guests having to manually find parking spaces, by automating the parking system.

Object recognition

Object recognition is a technology which helps in tracking down any lost objects or personal belongings of any customers, as well as identifying and reporting any dangerous objects, by identifying the shape and nature of any object and linking them to their respectful owners.

Smart visitor front desk

This is essentially a fully automated reception system, where guests can check in to any place using face recognition-based systems and get help with their queries, eliminating the need for any physical contact.

Body Behavioral analysis

This system helps in detecting individuals who have a physical impairment and provide assistance to them. This works by analyzing body joint points which helps in detecting and understanding the body posture displayed by any individual. This can also help in detecting any suspicious behavior and apprehend any potentially dangerous individuals.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition can help in creating a secured authorization method that grants access to restricted areas based on face matches in the database. In this vein, computer vision helps to provide personalized service and support, by recognizing VIPs as they check in so that they can be given a greater priority in the list of visitors and improving reviews.

Sentiment Analysis

Prisma AI's sentiment analysis systems can analyze and identify a complex range of emotions displayed by any guests, which in turn helps in fine tuning customer service and support in the areas that are lacking.

Security Surveillance systems

These advanced surveillance systems can improve security in and around the hotel or resort premises. Automated security reduces the need for constant eyeballing of multiple monitors by detecting intrusions and unauthorized activities and alerting the security mechanism, while AI engines can be used to survey the in-house kitchens as well, ensuring proper hygiene is being maintained by cooking staff:

Visual AI applications
  • Hairnets are being worn properly around meals..

  • No dusting shoulders when close to open meals

  • No pilferage of liquor or food

  • Proper gloves, masks, aprons etc. are being worn around food.

  • No opening of packed meals

Hospitality for the future

Hospitality is a sector with a lot of potential for innovation, making many improvements possible that can lead to an improved overall quality of service provided to all guests and visitors. Improved security can make guests feel more secure about their stays, object detection can help in finding lost items or belongings, and a smart front desk can improve reception for all guests and make management easier. There are many incoming technologies that can further help in bringing improvement to the field of hospitality, bringing greater convenience to guests, and creating a greater appeal for visitors.

Visual Artificial Intelligence

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Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams

Could be big if applied the right way.


Rashi  Shah
Rashi Shah

Pretty useful insights! The potential for this industry seems large.

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