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Computer Vision for Online Exams

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Proctoring Online Exams

What Online Exams Today Need

Online examinations have become the new go-to ever since the global pandemic arrived 2 years ago. As most places of large public gatherings were shut down, including colleges and schools, the situation necessitated the need to switch to online education and examination formats. With the high growth of digitization and globalization, online exam systems are continuing to gain popularity. Platforms and technologies had to be developed keeping in mind the need for online formats. Currently, online exam systems use traditional vision-based surveillance methods and provide examiners with tools to detect cheating throughout the exam. The percentage of cheating students when taking online courses has become higher. Any educational institution needs to detect and prevent cheating to maintain its value to society.

However, conventional methods depend on handcrafted features and cannot learn the hierarchical representations of objects from data itself, affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of such systems. However, even with the current implementations, there is still room for more additions and improvements, all which can be made possible with the help of artificial intelligence. Computer vision implements have such potential that they can be utilized effectively in even the education sector, more particularly the online examination sector.

Prisma AI’s Visual AI Solutions for Online Exams

Artificial intelligence can be applied to education and examinations in a myriad number of ways that can improve their functioning and offer new ways to conduct examinations in a streamlined and coordinated manner. Even exam proctoring can be automated using computer vision and machine learning, wherein no human intervention will be required besides for final checks. Additionally, facial recognition and voice recognition-based access to online exams can help in securing logins for individuals that are attending exams, preventing any possibility of proxies.

Prisma AI, with its tailored solutions for online examinations has come up with a host of solutions for that can be implemented to the existing online format of exams to bring great improvements to the online format of examinations. Some of these proposed solutions are below:

  • Facial Recognition-based entry for exams

This system facilitates automated matching of a candidates’ face to the database when they attempt entry to the exam portal. Any proxy detected will be reported to the server and entry denied.

  • Detection of possible cheating

Prisma AI's Body Behavioral Analysis can analyze the physical actions performed by candidates during examinations, such as:

One hand being out of view, looking down for an extended period, unnecessary head movements.

Detection of any camera or footage tampering while monitoring candidates during the exam.

Alerts if candidates have disappeared from their seat.

Alert if a candidate’s video feed turns off repeatedly.

  • AI-Proctored Online Exams

Online exams can be set to be proctored by AI, which would mean that manual proctoring would not be required. Any instances of cheating, or other such habits from students can be detected by the proctoring program.

  • Detection of system failure

Any failure of hardware or software systems detected will be reported immediately to prevent any system downtime which could in turn result in loss of exam time for candidates, and the issue will be rectified immediately.

These are just some examples of the solutions that Prisma can provide which can supplement the existing online examination procedures to add more convenience and functionality and aid in automating invigilation of candidates during an online exam.

Planning with Online Education using Visual AI

Online education is a wide prospect with a range of possibilities limited only by the technology of our time. With rapidly advancing technologies, there is always room for more improvements that can further enhance the scene of education as a whole, either by automation of more processes or more additions. Artificial intelligence as a tool is capable of bringing great improvements to any field it is applied to, and as of now it can be effectively implemented in the sphere of online education and examinations.

More advanced innovations are coming up for the field of online education, that can possibly result in complete automation of the exam process. Prisma AI is also working on the same, with new ideations that could change the face of the industry.

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