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GrySEC Face Login is an innovative security solution designed to enhance server access control by implementing facial recognition technology. This product adds an extra layer of authentication to the traditional username and password login process, significantly bolstering the security of server environments.


Domain Access Enhancement

Utilize facial features for seamless system access, reinforcing security with biometric authentication.

Server Security

With GrySEC Face Login, users simply approach their workstation, where the system's camera captures and analyzes their facial features for identity verification. Access is granted only upon successful match with stored templates.

Bank Vault Protection

Safeguard your assets with immediate alerts triggered by GrySEC Face Login upon detection of multiple authorized individuals or suspicious behavior within bank vaults.

Streamlined Attendance Management

Simplify attendance tracking within organizations by identifying individuals, maintaining accurate records, and reducing the need for manual intervention in attendance marking and analysis.

Door Opening Control

Enable secure entry with Gry Sec Face Login, as cameras or sensors capture facial images and compare them to authorized user templates before granting access.

Gesture Authentication:

Prior to any transaction, Gry Sec Face Login prompts users to perform predetermined gestures, further enhancing security.


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