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To enhance suspicious bag detection and streamline decision-making processes at the inline, we implement advanced technology for efficient capture of passenger data and facial information, stored securely for analysis. Utilizing a dashboard interface, passenger data is profiled comprehensively, integrating information from boarding passes at the Baggage Security Module (BSM) to identify potential threats. Our system also facilitates the detection of repeating offenders and promptly notifies authorities of any passenger loitering, ensuring proactive security measures are in place.


Suspicious Bag Detection

Gryphos Platform: Utilize Gryphos platform for intelligent decision-making and tag detection towers at the green channel.

AI-Powered Detection: Employ AI-based algorithms for swift identification of suspicious bags, enhancing security vigilance.

GrySCAN System: Implement GrySCAN for efficient data generation and management, facilitating rapid response to potential threats.


Passenger Profiling at Baggage Security Module (BSM)

Boarding Pass Integration: Conduct initial passenger profiling at the bag scan area using boarding pass information.

Custom Red Channel Database: Integrate second-level profiling at the red channel, leveraging a customizable database for enhanced scrutiny.


Passenger Data Collection

Facial Recognition: Capture passenger facial details at both channels to augment profiling accuracy.

Gryphos Database: Securely store passenger data and facial information in the Gryphos database for centralized management.

Interactive Dashboard: Access a user-friendly dashboard to monitor and analyze collected data, enabling informed decision-making and timely alerts.


Push Notification System

Loitering Detection: Receive instant push notifications to mobile devices, alerting custom officers of any suspicious loitering within the airport premises.

Customer Profiling Alerts: Stay informed during passenger profiling at the red channel with notifications containing vital information such as passenger name, photo, sector, flight number, seat number, and identification of repeat offenders.

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